Fully Automatic Atta Chakki Plant

A pulverizer machine plays a crucial role in the context of an atta chakki (flour mill) plant, providing efficient and effective grinding of wheat into fine flour. The integration of a pulverizer within an atta chakki plant enhances the milling process by ensuring consistent quality and high productivity. Here’s a detailed explanation of the pulverizer machine, its operation, benefits, and its application in an atta chakki plant.

What is a Pulverizer Machine?

A pulverizer machine is a high-speed grinding device that crushes and grinds materials into fine particles. In the context of an atta chakki plant, the pulverizer is specifically designed to process wheat grains into fine flour. It uses mechanical force through rapidly rotating blades or hammers to break down the wheat grains.

Types of Pulverizer Machines Used in Food Processing(Atta Chakki) Units

Pulverizer machines are indispensable in food processing units, where they play a crucial role in grinding and powdering various food products. Different types of pulverizers are used based on the specific requirements of the food processing unit. Here’s an overview of the main types of pulverizer machines commonly used in food processing:

1. 2 In 1 Pulverizer

  • A versatile machine that combines two types of grinding in one unit: coarse grinding and fine grinding.
  • Typically includes a set of interchangeable blades and screens to switch between the two functions.


  • Suitable for grinding grains, spices, herbs, and other small to medium-hard materials.
  • Can be used for producing flour and spice powders.

2. Blower Pulverizer

  • Uses a blower mechanism to generate airflow that assists in separating fine particles from coarser materials.
  • The blower helps to cool the machine and the material, preventing overheating.


  • Ideal for grinding spices, grains, and herbs.
  • Commonly used in producing fine powders with consistent particle size.

3. Dhaniya Pisne Ki Machine (Coriander Grinding Machine)

  • Specifically designed for grinding coriander seeds into fine powder.
  • Equipped with robust blades and grinding chambers to handle the toughness of coriander seeds.


  • Used exclusively for grinding coriander in spice processing units.

4. Domestic Pulverizer

  • A smaller, compact pulverizer designed for home use or small-scale food processing.
  • Suitable for grinding small quantities of food items.


  • Ideal for grinding grains, spices, and herbs at home.
  • Suitable for small-scale production in cafes or small restaurants.

5. Double Chamber Pulverizer

  • Features two grinding chambers in one machine, allowing for more efficient and thorough grinding.
  • The first chamber performs coarse grinding, while the second chamber refines the material to a finer consistency.


  • Increased grinding efficiency.
  • Produces finer and more consistent powders.
  • Handles larger volumes of material.

6. Grain Destoner

  • Removes stones, dirt, and other impurities from grains before grinding.
  • Utilizes air flow and vibration to separate heavier stones from lighter grains.


  • Essential for cleaning grains such as wheat, rice, and maize before processing.
  • Used in flour mills and grain processing units.

7. Gravy Machine

  • Specifically designed to grind wet food items into a smooth paste or gravy.
  • Equipped with high-speed blades and a robust motor to handle wet ingredients.


  • Ideal for making gravies, pastes, chutneys, and sauces.
  • Used in restaurants, catering services, and food processing units.

8. Haldi Pisne Ki Machine (Turmeric Grinding Machine)

  • Specialized machine for grinding turmeric roots into fine powder.
  • Equipped with durable blades and grinding chambers to handle the hardness of turmeric.


  • Used exclusively for grinding turmeric in spice processing units.

9. Impact Pulverizer

  • Uses high-speed impact force to break down materials with a rotor and fixed blades.
  • Produces fine and consistent powders.


  • Suitable for grinding soft to medium-hard materials such as spices, grains, sugar, and salt.
  • Used in producing fine powders for baking and confectionery products.

10. Masala Kandap Machine

  • Traditional machine is used for pounding and grinding spices into coarse or fine powders.
  • Utilizes heavy-duty hammers to crush and grind spices.


  • Ideal for grinding traditional Indian spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon.


11. Mirchi Pisne Ki Machine (Chilli Grinding Machine)

  • Specifically designed for grinding dried red chilies into fine powder.
  • Equipped with robust blades and grinding chambers to handle the toughness of chilies.


  • Used exclusively for grinding chilies in spice processing units.


Pulverizer machines are crucial for food processing units, offering various options to grind different types of food materials efficiently. Each type of pulverizer is designed to handle specific materials and produce fine, consistent powders or pastes. Selecting the right pulverizer based on your processing needs can significantly enhance productivity and product quality.

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What is the price of 5 ton Atta Chakki plant?

5 Ton Fully Automatic Atta Chakki Plant at Rs 955000 | Atta Chakki Plant in Lucknow

What is a pulverizer machine used for?

Spice grinding machine price

Pulverizers (pulverisers) are mechanical devices used for pulverizing, crushing, and grinding a wide variety of materials to varying finesses. Just some of the many materials that pulverisers can consume include brick, coal, concrete, limestone, paper, plastic materials, metal, rubber, grains, and wood.

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