Food Vacuum Packing Machine

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Specifications :
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Power : 1 KW
  • Workroom Size : 280 x 390 x 60 mm
  • Sealing Length : 260 x 10 mm
  • Sealing Speed : 1-4 times/minute
  • External Size (L x W x H) : 485 x 340 x 345 mm
  • Machine Weight : 33 Kg (Approx.)
  • Product Type : Food Vacuum Packing Machine
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Food vacuum packing machine also known as a vacuum pouch packing machine. A food vacuum packing machine is used to remove air from your pouches. as a method of packaging food or other perishable items by removing air from the package. This process involves placing the item in a plastic bag or container and using a food vacuum packing machine to extract the air, creating a tight seal. It has a small chamber, so you must pack one pouch at a time.

When a product is vacuum packed with a vacuum packaging machine, you can rest assured that it’s secured from the damaging goods of the outside atmosphere. These industrial-grade vacuum packaging machines are made for rigorous day-to-day use and are designed to produce professional results while speeding up your production line.

We carry single-chamber vacuum packaging machines, dual-chamber vacuum packaging machines, chamberless vacuum machines, and vacuum packaging pouches. This type of table-type vacuum packaging machine is an automatic packaging machine and it is also utilized in vacuum packaging and sealing the food pouch, pharmaceutical, Seafood, chemical, and electronic industries.

Benefits of Food Vacuum Packing Machine

1. Extended Shelf Life: One of the main benefits is the increase in the shelf life of perishable goods. Vacuum packaging removes the air, delaying the oxidation process and reducing the growth of spoilage microorganisms.

2. Preservation of Freshness and Flavor: A food vacuum sealing machine helps maintain the freshness, flavor, and nutritional value of food products by minimizing disclosure to oxygen, which can cause degradation.

3. Prevention of Freezer Burn: In the case of frozen foods, vacuum packing decreases moisture and air in the packaging, preventing freezer burn and maintaining the quality of the products.

4. Efficient Use of Storage Space: Vacuum-sealed packages are normally tight, allowing for efficient use of storage space in refrigerators, freezers, and pantries.

5. Protection from External Elements: Vacuum packaging delivers a protective wall against exterior elements such as dust, moisture, and impurities, helping to maintain the quality and goodness of the contents.

6. Reduced Food Waste: By extending the shelf life of food products, vacuum packaging contributes to reducing food waste, as items are less likely to spoil before consumption.

7. Bulk Packaging: Vacuum sealing is commonly used for bulk items, allowing businesses and consumers to buy in larger quantities while maintaining the freshness of the products.

8. Improved Hygiene: Vacuum packaging helps maintain the hygiene of products by preventing external contaminants from coming into contact with the items.

9. Marinating Efficiency: Vacuum sealing is often used for marinating food, as it allows for more efficient and rapid penetration of marinades into the product.

10. Sous Vide Cooking: Vacuum-sealed bags are commonly used in sous vide cooking, where food is cooked at precise temperatures in a water bath. The vacuum-sealed bags help retain the flavors and moisture during the cooking process.

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Food Vacuum Packing Machine
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