Automatic Packing Machine

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  • Product Type : Automatic Packing Machine
  • Brand : Creature Industry
  • Sealing method : Three-sided seal or back sealing
  • Bag size : film width 5-20cm, seal 1-18cm
  • Weighing range : 10gm – 1kg
  • Packing speed : 12-18 pouch/min (depending on material)
  • Precision : plus or minus 0.2g (depending on material)
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Size : 42*50*145CM (length, width and height)
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This is an automatic packing machine for packing different products. By using this machine, you can pack all the items, whether it is powder or granules. In this, you can pack ground spices, ground masala, turmeric powder, ground turmeric, coriander, some chips, and snacks, apart from this, you can also add all the other things as per your requirements.

Packing is done in a pouch and you can prepare all those pouchs in this one machine. Automatic packing machine is a multipurpose machine that you will not believe in just 1 hour, it can make and prepare 1500 to 2000 pouches. Yes, exactly 1500 to 2000 pouches, possibly you must be wondering about so much advance. If there is a machine then its price will also be very high but it is not at all like that, Automatic Packing Machine price is very low, further, we will tell you how much the machine costs.


Automatic Packing Machine is a compact size automatic machine, you can see its size, it is not of very big size. You will not have to take any commercial connection to run it, rather you can run the machine with single phase electricity from your home connection of 220 volts.

Automatic packing machines have different models. The meaning of the model is that in it you can pack items ranging from 1 gm to 1 kg pouches like turmeric, coriander, chilli, mixed gram spices, whole gram spices and namkeen etc. Automatic Packing Machine entire body is made of stainless steel, so you will not get any problems in the lifetime of the machine.

The pouch is prepared in two ways, one in continuous pouches and the other in single pieces. If your requirement is in continuous pouches, then you can prepare the pouch in Ladi and if you want to take the pouches in a single piece then you will also be able to be prepared in Automatic Packing Machine. To change it, you can change the setting from the PLC panel. This is a 1-minute process, it will not take much time.

The best thing for you is that you will not have to hire any operator to run the automatic packing machine. If you have even a little technical knowledge, you can easily operate the machine and prepare thousands of questions. Yes, it is absolutely not necessary to have much experience. There is a PLC control panel in the machine. The machine will pack according to the weight you select and you are going to get some accuracy while packing, it will be 100%. It will not happen that you had selected 50 grams and the machine is packing it in 60 grams. This machine has packed it only after proper weighing.


You can easily change the sealer as per your requirement and make a request in it here. One speciality of automatic packing machines is that if you have to pack from 1 gram to 100 grams, you will have to do so in any way. There will be no need to change the weight, meaning you do not need to change anything to change the weight, rather you are given an electric control panel in the machine.

Whatever you input in it, the amount you write in the panel, for example, you will get 10 grams, you need a quantity of 100 grams, you need a quantity of 500 grams, you need 1000 grams. When you input the number of grams you need, the machine will automatically weigh it, drop it in your roll and pack it and take it out in this manner.

You can get it printed as per your requirements. And this roll has to be placed on top here, behind you see a hopper has been given, whatever you want to pack, put it in this hopper, now this roll slowly moves down and it gets rolled and becomes exactly in the form of a packet. After proper weighing, the machine discharges the material that you have put in the hopper and see below it, there is a sealer here who is continuously selling pouch packets.

You just have to fill it once in the hopper and select the weight etc., after that if you want, you can also reduce your second pack by machine automatic pack. When we pack masala, chips and powder. It is very important to print MRP, manufacturing date, and expiry on pouches or packets. Otherwise, you cannot sell it in the market.

Printing it separately is a lot of hard work, but do not worry about it. The handy batch coding machine is provided and fitted in automatic packing machine itself, so you will not have to print it separately. The batch coder has been installed and the roll is flowing forward in the right manner. All these packets have MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date etc. It is being printed continuously. See, whatever packets will be prepared from this will be fully ready. Now you will not have to do anything else, rather you can sell it directly in the market.


The biggest advantage is that in the creature industry, you will be able to work as a model. Automatic Packing Machine will be available in 4 different models,

  • By using the first model you can prepare packets ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams.
  • By using the second model you can prepare packets ranging from 100 grams to 500 grams.
  • By using the third model you can prepare packets ranging from 10 grams to 1 kilogram.
  • By using the fourth model of pneumatic packing machine.


The speciality of Automatic Packing Machine is that it has the option of a compressor and whatever we pack cooked items, fried items like chips, namkeen etc., nitrogen gas is also added to pack them. It is necessary so that the quality is maintained for a long time. Otherwise, if they get spoiled then you can pack all these items by using a Pneumatic Packing Machine.

Production depends on the size of the pouches, and how much size you are preparing the pouch, if you prepare the pouch in a small size then you can make more pouches and when you prepare a pouch of a big size then its production there will be slightly less. This will happen when you prepare small-sized pouches, then this machine can make 25 to 30 pouches in just one minute, yes exactly 25 to 30 pouches which are approximately 1800 pouches in 1 hour whereas when you prepare big pouches. If we prepare the pouches of any size, then the machine prepares 15 to 20 pouches in about 1 minute, which is 1200 pouches in just 1 hour.

See, preparing 1200 pouches in 1 hour is not a small number, it is a very big number. By production capacity and quality features of the automatic packing machine are perfect for your business.

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    Easy oprating machine

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    Nice machine

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Automatic Packing Machine
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