Nylon Sev Namkeen Machine


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  • Namkeen
  • 40-50 KG PER HOUR
  • Masala Chana
  • Commercial
  • Automatic
  • 2 kw
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In the world of cooking talent, the research never ends for tools that fast the process of making recipes. One such benefit in the world of Indian snacks is the Nylon Sev. Nylon sev namkeen machine revolutionises the old method of making sev, a popular Indian snack made from gram flour. In this product description, we explain everything about nylon sev namkeen machine.

Namkeen sev making machine is used to make popular Indian snacks. This machine, also known simply as a sev machine or a sev maker  This machine is fully made of food grade Stainless Steel. With this machine, you can make different types of crispy and crunchy namkeen made from gram flour like Gathiya, Papdi, Bhujia, Chakli etc. This usually consists of a cylindrical container, a piston, and a disc with holes of various shapes and sizes.

Nylon sev namkeen machine is operated by electricity. nylon sev namkeen machines available in different sizes and capacities. We have different types of models for small-scale tabletop models suitable for home.  Large-scale production to larger company production. When buying a nylon sev namkeen machine, you have to remember few factors such as production capacity, automation level, ease of cleaning, and budget considerations should be taken into account.

Understanding Nylon Sev Namkeen Machine

Nylon sev namkeen machine is an adaptable kitchen machine designed to speed up the production of Namkeen sev, A crisp and salty Indian snack that is loved throughout the cities and states. This machine contains many key parts that work together to change the raw material into tasty sev namkeen. Nylon sev namkeen machine consists of a cylindrical chamber, a plunger and interchangeable discs with holes of different sizes.

Types of Nylon Sev Namkeen Machine

To meet the needs of domestic and commercial users, nylon sav namkeen machines are available in many different models of designs and configurations. This machine can be broadly classified as manual and electronic variants, each offering unique benefits and efficiencies.

  1. Manual Nylon Sev Namkeen Machines: Manual machines are operated by hand, requiring the people to apply physical force to remove the namkeen sev. This machine is usually compact and portable, making it perfect for use in home kitchens or small production businesses. Manual sev machines usually have a lever or handle that is pressed and forces the dough through a perforated disc, forming threads of namkeen sev.


  1. Electric Nylon Sev Namkeen Machines: Electric machines are run electrically, providing automatic functionality for effortless production. These machines are suitable for commercial uses and high volume production environments. Electric models may feature adjustable settings to control the thickness and texture of the selvedge threads, offering more customization features.

Nylon sev namkeen machine Features

Extrusion Chamber: This is the most important part of the machine where gram flour dough is filled. The design of extrusion chamber part is mostly cylindrical and it is fitted with a plunger or piston.

Die Plates: Different types of die plates or moulds are used to make namkeen sev in different shapes and sizes. By installing these die plates in the extrusion chamber, you can make namkeen sev of any shape you want.

Pressure Control Feature: The extrusion chamber in the machine applies pressure on the dough so that the namkeen sev takes its shape as per the die and comes out of the machine. Pressure control system help you maintain the thickness and consistency of sev namkeen.

Hopper: This hopper which is installed above the extrusion chamber of the machine, in which you continuously pour the dough flour, which helps you in getting the namkeen sev production continuously without stopping the machine.

Cutting Feature: When the dough comes out from the die plate, there is a cutting blade installed at the bottom of the machine which cuts the namkeen sev to your desired length. You can make this length smaller or larger by changing some settings in the machine.

Frying Attachment (Optional): Some nylon machines come already attached with the frying bowl and for some machines you have to install a separate frying bowl in which your sev namkeen is continuously cut from the machine and falls directly into your frying bowl for frying.

Material Construction: These machines are generally made from food grade stainless steel which is easy to clean and lasts for a long time. According to FSSAI, all food machines should be made of stainless steel.


The Nylon Sev Making Machine is a rule to the creativeness and innovation that drives cooking progress. From its humble starts as a manual machine to its modern image with electric automation, this machine has revolutionized produce saving, providing cooks and snack excitement with comfort, consistency, and simplicity. Creature Industry is a Successful manufacturer of Namkeen Sev Making Machine in Single phase Motor in India. Namkeen sev making machine also we known as plain sev, zero sev, agra sev or thin sev.


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Nylon Sev Namkeen Machine
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