Khoya Machine


Specifications : 
  • Product Type : Mawa/Khoya Machine
  • Brand : Creature Industry
  • Motor : 1 HP
  • Phase : Single
  • Automation  : Semi-Automatic
  • Operation : Electricity
  • Capacity : Upto 120 Litres
  • Body Material : Stainless Steel (304)
  • Bowl Material : Stainless Steel (304)
  • Motor Speed : 1440 RPM
  • Bowl Speed : 250 RPM
  • Regular Dimension (L x W x H) : 127 x 68.58 x 99.06 Cms
  • Tilting Dimension (L x W x H) : 144.78 x 81.28 x 152.4 Cms
  • Regular Weight : 210 Kgs (Approx.)
  • Tilting Weight : 235 Kgs (Approx.)
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Khoya machine is locally referred to as mawa machine. It is a cost-effective solution for small business owners. Mawa making machines have gained immense popularity in recent years. Previously mawa was made using traditional methods. But since the invention of mawa machines have changed. It has a high demand.

It is a compact machine. designed to effectively boil milk. Eventually, this milk is converted into mawa. You must have eaten mawa, it’s found in many traditional Indian sweets. Mawa making machines have different models ranging from diesel, to gas. You can choose the one suited to your preferences. Another option that allows you to use both gas and diesel is also available in the market. it is called a Gas cum diesel model of mawa making machine

Khoya machine is a special machine that we use to make khoya or mawa. Which is a dairy product that we use in making Indian sweets. Mawa making machine has been specially designed to automate and streamline the process of making Mawa. In which the milk is traditionally boiled and burnt until it becomes a thickened type of product.

The condensed milk solids are gathered effectively and processed further to attain the desired khoya texture. These machines not only increase productivity but also maintain uniform quality, crucial for khoya-based sweets and dishes. Their design is easy for users to navigate, and the adjustable settings enable operators to customize the khoya making process to meet precise needs. Here are some typical features found in khoya machines:


1. Compact Size: Heavier equipment requires space to store, and is difficult to carry anywhere. This khoya machine is different from traditional heavy machines. It has a small size, which you can easily carry anywhere. You will not be required to lift heavy machines or make extra space for this compact khoya machine. Store it anywhere you want, as it requires minimal space.

2. Stainless Steel Construction: Known for their durable structure, creative design and use of high-grade material, khoya machines are not easy to stand against. This particular substance is well-known for its incredibly long durability and also corrosion resistance. Therefore, it makes the printing process clean and safe for consumption. Via selecting the stainless steel, the makers are able to stand those apparatuses to prolonged usage periods, which in the end promises business owners a reliable machine maintaining process and a sense of calm.

3. Variable Capacity: Mawa production machines are available in a variety of capacities to match with the different production demands of businesses, ranging from small-sized companies to large industrial setups. These machines provide that flexibility, as their capacities differ from as low as a few liters to as high as several hundred liters of milk. This is the adaptability of businesses to pick the ideal capacity that suits their specific production needs and guaranteeing that resources are used efficiently and effectively in the khoya manufacturing process.

4. Temperature Control: khoya machines utilize advanced mechanisms like thermostats or digital controllers. These components enable operators to finely adjust the internal temperature, ensuring an ideal environment for the gradual evaporation of milk. This precise control prevents any risk of scorching or burning, preserving the quality of the khoya throughout the evaporation process. Such temperature control mechanisms are crucial for maintaining consistent results and achieving the desired texture and flavor in the final product.

5. Automatic Stirring: Most of the khoya machines, come equipped with features for in-built automatic stirring so that no lumps get formed, and homogeneous heating can be achieved over the period of evaporation. With such a setting, one could provide consistency in quality without continual human monitoring. On having this facility on board, the operators can maintain a uniform texture right during cooking from start to finish, hence deliver consistency in quality.

6. Safety Features: Safety features have been installed in khoya machines, including pressure release valves and shut-off mechanisms. These really add to an accident prevention view of someone’s welfare when working with machines. By implementing this system, a producer obtains perfection in the process, securing people who work in the environment and guaranteeing processes of khoya production that are riskless and secure.

7. Efficient Heating System: The khoya machines embrace diverse heating systems with gas, electric or steam heating for milk evaporation. These days, they may also have energy-efficient heaters or boilers for lesser power consumption and lower cost to operate these machines. There’s overall low cost production and power-saving usage secured through advanced heating technologies in such a manner that this approach remains environmentally friendly and low on overhead costs.

8. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The khoya machines boast ease of housekeeping due to the availability of removable parts and smooth surfaces. In fact, this feature not only facilitates easy access to housekeeping but also creates high cleanliness levels. The operator of these machines is able to take necessary action in quick time, which can lead to increased lifespan of the machine. One can determine the determination of manufacturers in introducing simple and time-saving solutions for perfect ghee production. Indeed, one can state that convenience of maintenance is at the focal point.

9. Digital Controls and Monitoring: The khoya machines these days have digital controls. Easy-to-operate enhanced systems can be found in this state-of-the-art technology for operations such as real-time monitoring of critical parameters like temperature and pressure. Along with intuitive control panels, the state-of-the-art technology permits operators to manipulate settings and monitor the process so as to allow the production of khoya with precision and energy saving. Such advanced features prove the effort of an industry that intends to improve productivity and quality by means of using top-notch technology.

10. Versatility: Besides khoya performance, some khoya machines often serve as multi-purpose equipment used to produce dairy creations such as ghee, paneer and condensed milk. They are as versatile as they are indispensable to manufacturers looking for tailored solutions to match the diverse culinary market. Such equipment as Multifunctional machines is put in place to orient the production of dairy products and therefore promote operational efficiency. This trait highlights the value of their adaptability, whereby they can be helpful as multifaceted gadgets in the dairy industry, making it possible to prepare a menu of delicious dairy items quickly.


Modern mawa manufacturing machines comply with the food safety standards and laws to the higher grade, guaranteeing the safety and hygiene of dairy products. The implementation of the above standards dictates the design and production process of these machines, which are a key equipment portfolio of the businesses in the khoya-based sweets and dishes industry. These machines meet the highest of these standards, not only do they guarantee the final product’s safety but also contributes to the overall efficacy and reliability of the production process.

The emergence of khoya machines, has changed the production of khoya from the ancient method into a modern one, of which brings benefits in efficiency, reliability and adaptability to organizations in the dairy industry. These machines with functionalities of temperature control, automatic stirring and digital monitoring, allows for the smooth and accurate production processes which are equally safety compliant. Beyond that, the food safety regulation compliance demonstrates the milking rigor of their production.

Concerning from individual businesses to large businesses, the machines used in making khoya are adjustable to fit the manufacturing sectors’ needs and thus empower enterprises to handle them accordingly. Furthermore, the technological evolution suggests that machinery will be utilized to a great extent in the production of khoya products and dishes of the future, thus inspiring innovation and expertise in the field of dairy processing.


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Khoya Machine
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