Namkeen Pouch Packing Machine



Product Type : Namkeen Packing Machine in Lucknow
Capacity : 800 – 1200 Pouch/Hr
Pouch Capacity : 10 GM to 50 GM
Phase : Single Phase
Deal In : New Only
Temperature Controller : Yes
Pouch Counter : Yes
Accuracy : 99%
Voltage : 220 V
Power Consumption : 2 kW
Automation Grade : Automatic

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Namkeen Pouch Packing Machine in Lucknow: This is an advanced medium that efficiently packages namkeen, another name for snack treats in South Asian cookery. Among the snacks that can be included in this order are sev, sweet potato chips like lime, bhujia, and chiwda. One of the main objectives of a namkeen packing machine is to speed up the packaging process so as not to spoil it in terms of newnesstaste, and quality and; at the same time ameliorate the overall effectiveness of the product line.

The essential traits of a namkeen packing machine may include automated packaging namkeen quilting machines are frequently automated to reduce the need for mortal intervention in packaging.

Specification: Namkeen Pouch Packing Machine in Lucknow

These machines can measure and apportion specific amounts of namkeen into individual holders, with precise forbearance for portion control. thickness in product weight is maintained and portions can be prorated more efficiently. These namkeen quilting machines can be used in sacks, bags, or holders. What are they made of? The capability to acclimatize enables manufacturers to meet different request requirements.

These machines generally have sealing mechanisms to keep the namkeen fresh and crispNewer product performances may come from being equipped with gas-flushing technology to extend shelf life by reducing the quantum of oxygen in the packaging. Namkeen packing machines are designed for hygiene. They’re constantly made of pristine brand or other foodsafe accouterments, making cleaning and conservation easier.

Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow is a special machine specially designed for efficiently and accurately packaging namkeens. Namkeen is known for its delicious taste, distinctive flavour, and numerous health benefits. Namkeen is a popular Indian snack used for breakfast, parties, and celebrations. Manual packaging of namkeen snacks can be time taken, labor cost. Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow automates the packaging process to confirm accurate filling, sealing and labelling of namkeen in pouch or packet packaging.


1. Weighing Mechanism: The machine comes with a perfect accuracy weighing system that accurately measures the selected amount of Namkeen for each pouch. Weigh scales or sensors detect the weight of the powder, ensuring consistency across pouches. The hopper of this machine is that of an automatic weighing machine, it is directly connected to the packing machine through a connecting cable because at the time of starting both machines should work by following the same command.

2. Filling Mechanism: This machine depending on the specific design and configuration, the machine can use various filling tools such as Bama filler, Volume filler, Piston filler, etc to deliver the Namkeen to the packaging pouches. These mechanisms are selected based on factors such as texture and flow characteristics for Namkeen’s packaging format. This machine has a hopper in which you can fill your Namkeen snacks, chilli powder or any whole spices.

3. Packaging Formats: Namkeen packing machines are very adjustable and can be adjusted into a variety of packaging formats including sachets and pouches. By Fast changeover capabilities allow this machine to make seamless changes to different packaging formats to meet various market demands. You can attach a transparent roll to the turmeric packing machine, but if you want to attach your brand packaging roll then you replace it with a transparent roll easily. 

3. Sealing and Labeling: After filling, this machine seals the packaging sachet to maintain the freshness and goodness of the product. Depending on the packaging format, the sealing methods may be thermal sealing or heat sealing. Additionally, inbuilt labeling systems allow you to label products with actual information such as product name, product weight, expiration date, and barcode.

4. Hygiene and Safety: Namkeen packaging machines are designed with hygiene and safety in mind, featuring hygienic manufacturing materials, easy-to-clean surfaces and keeping our business with food grade standards. Closed loop method lowers the risk of product pollution and confirms the safety and quality of packaged turmeric powder.

5. Control System: Most Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow already have the best control system installed in them, which automatically monitors the sealing, labelling and fitting of the packaging and ensures that it remains works correctly.

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Conclusion: Namkeen Pouch Packing Machine in Lucknow

Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow is the best option for those businesses who want to start their own brand masala, chips and namkeen packaging business. With this machine you can pack any kind of goods like ground masala, standing masala, chips, dry fruits, namkeen and many more products. This machine will automatically weigh or count your product and pack it.

Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow is very light in operation and is also fast which will allow you to make 10 to 20 pouches every minute. There is very little maintenance in this machine. This entire machine is made of stainless steel, which every business has to follow as per the food guidelines of Fassai.

Customization Manufacturers can constantly customize these machines to specific packaging ipso facto for illustration by adding branding or labelling features to the packaging process of the namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow.

In summary

Namkeen pouch packing machine in lucknow is an essential tool for snack food original outfit manufacturers as it delivers a reliable and effective way to package namkeen products precisely. These machines help maintain the quality and freshness of the snacks, thereby adding to the manufacturer’s overall competitiveness in the request.


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Namkeen Pouch Packing Machine
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