Tea Business Plan

Tea Profit and investment

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Tea is not just a word or beverage for Indians; it is an emotion: an emotion famous as “Chai” in our daily lives.

Business Opportunity

India happens to be the second-largest producer of tea in the world. Surprisingly, we Indians also happen to consume 70 % of  the production.

Need Things

You need to know beforehand the kind of business you want to set up: a  stall or a proper tea bar, the products you are going to sell, their  prices, your profit margins, your investment amount, your assets of investment.

Cost Of Stall

The lowest cost model and can be set up with a minimal investment of Rs. 50,000 for Tea Shop Business Plan

Tea is offered to  the customers in paper cups or kulhads. The stalls can sell other items  such as bread toast, cigarettes, tobacco, noodles, omelettes, along with  tea.

You can sell more item with tea

Market Research

Prior to starting a firm, you must determine the market you want to enter.


A small startup like a tea stall, you don’t need that much of an investment, nor do you  need expensive material to set up your stall because the whole point of  a stall is to stay as connected to your ‘desi’ roots as possible.

Profit Margins

Following are the investments and cost per day for a cup of tea: 1. For 30ml of milk- Rs 1 2. 2.5 gram tea powder- Rs 0.75 3. 10-gram sugar- Rs 0.50 4. Tea Masala 4 gram- Rs 0.30

Even after adding extra costs to this, a cup of tea would cost you  around 3.5-5 INR. Whereas you own a stall and sell a cup for 10-20 INR,  you have a profit margin of about Rs15.