Starting a Food Truck Business in India

The Indian food industry has witnessed many evolutionary changes, one of them being the introduction of food trucks.

1. Decide your Cuisine

Selecting the kind of food you wish to serve is your first task. The food industry, like other industries, is segmented into multiple groups according to the type of food and cuisine.

2. Understand the cost differentiation of starting a food truck

Every new company requires funding. The entire setup cost for a typical food truck is typically between 8 and 11 lakhs. However, the cost can go up to INR 16 to 20 lakhs if you want a food truck that is completely furnished with cutting-edge setup and advanced equipment.

3. Get the required food licenses

You won't be able to register your business and realise your dream without the necessary government licences. Thus, get ready to get the licences before you get too excited about the prospect of owning a food truck.

4. Choose a proper location for the food truck business

Be sure to pick a place that is frequented by large crowds of people. The majority of people prefer to grab a quick lunch on the way rather than dining out, so this will help you make more money.

5. Get the required finances for the truck business

If you are unable to raise the entire amount needed to launch your food truck business, you may be able to get assistance from other financing sources. A loan, for instance, can assist you with the money required to start the truck and get things moving.

6. Look for brand marketing and promotion

Finally, you need to market your brand, and social media and ads are the best places to do this. Numerous businesses provide marketing and promotion services on the internet.

Final verdict

Opening a food truck business might seem overwhelming at times. But, in  reality, it is one of the easiest business models to set up. Follow  these easy steps and build a successful food truck business for  yourself.