Panipuri business plan 2024: Earn 1 Lacs Profit Per Month

Our mouths begin to water at the mention of Pani Puri. Not at all? Pani Puri comes to our rescue during both a leisurely evening stroll and a demanding workday. In India, it is a highly well-liked street dish. In the event that you decide to open a Pani Puri thela nearby

A Few Fascinating Details About Pani Puri

Most people classify this well-liked snack as street food. But there are also some health advantages. Stop joking, you must be thinking. The only health benefit of chatpata street food is that it calms the palate.

Why Is Starting a Pani Puri Business Necessary?

Pani Puri is regarded as the king of crispy street-side snacks, as we have already mentioned. The flavour of the fiery fried dough with mashed potato and turmeric juice is well-known. For it, people go crazy. The taste and popularity of pani puris are the main motivators for launching a business. It should be noted that starting a Pani Puri stall doesn't require a significant financial or resource commitment.

A handy kitchen tool for making dough for different Indian breads like rotis, parathas, puris, and pizza bases is an atta maker, also called a dough kneader machine. Your task becomes less difficult if you have the right dough maker.

Dough Kneeder

An essential piece of equipment in commercial kitchens and bakeries is the dough sheeter. It makes it easier to roll out dough to a uniform thickness.

Dough Sheeter

An easy-to-use kitchen tool for making uniformly shaped puris for panipuri is a pani puri cutter. The foundation of this popular Indian street meal is these crispy, hollow spheres.

Panipuri Cutting

a large, deep skillet used only for frying. It is frequently used to fry foods like chicken nuggets, French fries, and other crispy treats in kitchens and dining establishments.


Hand Sealer

A device called a hand-held heat sealer is used to apply heat to seal goods, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials. It can be applied to materials with multiple layers, at least one of which is thermoplastic, or to homogeneous thermoplastic monolayers.