10 High-Protein Superfoods You Should Include in Your Diet

Amino acids are the basic building elements of proteins. Throughout our lives, amino acids are necessary for cell growth and development.

1. Eggs

Whole eggs are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants in addition to being a rich supply of easily absorbed protein.

2. Almonds

Nutritious tree nuts like almonds are abundant in fiber, magnesium, manganese, vitamin E, and other important elements.

3. Chicken breast

If you're aiming to up your protein consumption, chicken breast is a great option.

4. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a type of cheese that is low in fat and calories yet high in protein.

5. Greek yogurt

Yogurt that is extremely thick and rich in protein is known as Greek yogurt, or strained yogurt.

6. Milk

Nearly all of the nutrients your body needs are present in dairy milk in little amounts. In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, it's a good source of high-quality protein.

7. Lentils

Since lentils are one of the best plant-based protein sources, they're a great option for anyone on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

8. Lean beef

Lean beef is a rich source of protein. It’s also high in bioavailable iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamins B12 and B6

9. Fish

Iodine, selenium, and vitamin B12 are just a few of the vital vitamins and minerals found in fish, which is also a great source of protein.

10. Pumpkin seeds

Minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium are abundant in pumpkin seeds. They also include a ton of fiber and plant-based protein.